New StumbleUpon Favorites!

So I know you know about StumbleUpon. Or, well, you should.  And no, it’s not a dating site.  Basically its a site that helps you find websites according to your interests and hobbies.  Like animals?  They do that.  Science? That too?  Wanna see hamsters juggling jelly beans? Go for it! I think that’s a thing as well.  I think.

So I’m gonna be posting my favorite Stumbles in this section here, and you should take a look and check the out.  I don’t think that you’ve seen all the awesome that there is to see on that site since I’m pretty sure it would take years to see every wonderful link that the site has to offer.  So let’s have at it!

I would also appreciate others sharing their favorite links as well, because we’ve all got different but great tastes to contribute!

Thanks bunches :3



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