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Confessing… Anonymously, Of Course

When I started stumbling yesterday, this was the first link that came up, and man was it a good one.  have you ever heard of PostSecret or had of those anonymous confessions pages at your college?  If not, this a phenomenon that’s always gotten to me.  Just the secrets that some people are holding, and the sadness that comes with it… alternatively, there’s some joy in there.  But what you mostly see are the words that people are too afraid to admit out loud…

Images from ignant.de

Now, I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I get a little depressed reading some of those… but in a way, its not a completely bad feeling.  These kinds of posts remind me, and probably a lot of others, that there are people out there who feel just like you a lot of the time.  I often get down on myself a lot, the same way you may as well, but events like these anonymous confession displays remind us that we are all more alike than we are different, though we tend to forget that quite often.  This exhibit gives people a chance to participate, maybe let off some steam, and connect with others in a certain way despite having never met them.  I looked at just a few posts on the site’s pictures, and I went “yep, me too.  I know that feel, bro.  Dang, who else wrote this?”

I wish that there would be more opportunities at schools or at public places to really just write it all out.  Yeah, I understand that there’s potential for abuse with these kinds of systems, if you write something not so nice or legal.  But hey, trying is better than not.

And you know, maybe if more people carried that philosophy there would be less regrets on that wall.  Maybe.