So, this blog….

So this whole blog thing kinda came out of nowhere.  I wasn’t expecting to start a blog because I thought that I was too lazy to bother.  But as I started to delve into the many games that have been sitting on my desktop for quite some time now, I started getting a lot of ideas.  And what better way to share them than in a blog?  So here I am, trying to get my thoughts out.  And hopefully, others can get some enjoyment from whatever’s in my brain.

So what will I be posting? I’ll be writing reviews and walkthroughs of games I’ve played. Mostly indie games.  I’ve also got articles I hope to post about different game-related topics.  Ever played Shaq-fu?  We’ll talk about that.  Wanna know about the best horror RPGs the corners of the internet has to offer?  Get ready to be scarred for life, my friends! I  also hope to talk about movies and some personal stuff too if I can.  ‘Cause.

Now, I really wanted to do some videos on these topics but it so happens that I’m studying abroad in France this semester, so I don’t have the technology or time to do deal with as many different media forms as I would like to.  but in any case, look forward to more posts, and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and stick around!


This happens in my spare time.

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